IAHV & Trauma Relief

Project Welcome Home Troops is a program of the International Association for Human Values (IAHV), a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit which serves communities throughout the world. A UN-affiliated NGO with chapters throughout North America, Asia, and Europe, IAHV has a proven history of effective trauma relief interventions.

IAHV offers programs to reduce stress and develop leaders so that human values can flourish in people and communities.

We foster the daily practice of human values – a sense of connectedness and respect for all people and the natural environment, an attitude of non-violence, and an ethic of social service. Our programs enhance clarity of mind, shift attitudes and behaviors, and develop leaders and communities that are resilient, responsible, and inspired.

IAHV and Trauma Relief

Since its founding in 1997, IAHV has been providing stress and trauma relief to diverse populations around the world. Our trauma relief programs include SKY Breathing Practice, meditation, yoga postures, and education on stress reduction specifically designed to strengthen internal coping mechanisms. The course allows participants process past events and the emotions associated with them, and to regain enthusiasm about their lives, and develop greater hope and interest in the future.

Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, 2005

IAHV trainers from around the United States initiated Trauma Relief Programs starting just days after Hurricane Katrina. Establishing a center in New Orleans for 2 years, IAHV and Trauma Relief programs reached 2,600 aid workers, children, and adults. During the course of the Hurricane Katrina effort, 161 university students were trained in Trauma Relief through Youth Leadership Training Program.

Haitian Earthquake, January 2010

Since Haiti’s January 12, 2010 earthquake, IAHV’s Haitian trainers have provided trauma relief and empowerment to about 10,000 earthquake victims. These Haitian trainers provide trauma relief and empowerment programs to communities through Haiti, including a special Women’s Program for female victims of sexual violence in the Cite Soleil tent city.

South Asian Tsunami, India and Sri Lanka, 2004

Immediately after the tsunami, Indian IAHV-certified trainers and Youth Leadership Training graduates began conducting Trauma Relief Programs for 20,000 victims in 34 villages. They have now established Child Centers for: education, culture and recreation, and psychosocial support. In Tamil Nadu, IAHV has established Women’s Vocational Training Centers for incense manufacturing, jute tailoring and manufacturing, computer skills.

Sichuan Earthquake, China, 2008

15 IAHV trainers from around China conducted 137 Trauma Relief Programs benefitting 6,565 aid workers, children, and adults. Within one year, a local IAHV teacher was trained, and a Psychosocial Support Center was established in Sichuan with local trainers and staff.


Kosovo Conflict, 2003

In the midst of the Kosovo conflict, European IAHV trainers conducted Trauma Relief programs for 700 disabled KLA victims and 105 displaced persons on the Plemetina refugee camp, for 200 medical professionals and 180 women and rape victims. IAHV trainers based in Kosovo are now conducting programs for social reintegration post-conflict in 7 prisons, reaching 1500 prisoners and prison administrators.

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