About Us

Project Welcome Home Troop’s Power Breath Meditation workshop transforms lives restoring well-being, mental focus and a renewed sense of connection and purpose. Research shows that Veterans and Military Members can get relief from chronic and traumatic stress using our scientifically backed breath-based meditation techniques. These powerful techniques address the root of the extreme stress of military life including multiple deployments, traumatic events, and reintegration with family and community. Our Power Breath Meditation Workshop involves a specific set of unique breathing techniques that can be practiced on one’s own after a few sessions of guidance.

Our workshops are cost and time efficient in serving groups of veterans compared to traditional one-on-one treatments to resolve PTS. We proudly serve military installations, Veterans Affairs Hospitals, Veteran Centers and communities around the United States.  Project Welcome Home Troops is a Program of the International Association for Human Values a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization.

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