After suffering in ‘own private hell,’ vet gets relief from unlikely source

“Almost 2,000 people, most of them veterans and active-duty service members suffering from the flashbacks, nightmares and anxiety of PTSD, have taken the workshop by Project Welcome Home Troops .”


The Power of Breath in Post-War Healing

“A Stanford research study found the Sudarshan Kriya Yoga breathing program reduced post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety in Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.”

Veterans use meditation to soothe wounds to the soul in ‘almost sunrise’


Stanford scholar helps veterans recover from war trauma

“Newly published research by Stanford scholar Emma Seppala shows how meditation and breathing exercises can help military veterans recover from post-traumatic stress disorder.”


How A Surprising Yoga Practice Is Healing Combat Trauma

“Hard core military guys and yoga – that doesn’t really… go together does it?” people have asked. It’s true that, when they first walked into the study, the young, tattoo-covered, hard-drinking, motorcycle driving men that participated in my study did not look like your typical yoga studio regulars. But their words after participating in our study said it all: “Thank you for giving me my life back.” “I feel like I’ve been dead since I returned from Iraq and I feel like I’m alive again.”

PWHT in A Mindful Nation

Project Welcome Home Troops in “A Mindful Nation”

Congressman Tim Ryan’s new book promotes the use of yoga and meditation-based practices for returning veterans and highlights research happening on the PWHT workshop conducted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Working to Improve the Lives of Veterans: Project Welcome Home Troops

Countless stories in history of individuals overcoming some of the most extreme hardships are the result of a resilient brain. Project Welcome Home Troops is working to improve the quality of life for thousands of veterans in America through their resilience building program.


10 Reasons Why Meditation Is America’s New Push-Up for the Brain

Cheers to America’s new push-up for the brain! With all the scientific evidence coming in over the years, meditation is now becoming a practice that anyone from any walk of life can embrace.


Breathing exercises help veterans find peace after war, Stanford scholar says

“Research by Stanford scholar Emma Seppala at the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education found that post-traumatic stress disorder decreased in veterans who participated in a weeklong breathing, yoga and meditation workshop, and remained lower a year later.”


When Breath Saves Life

“For these veterans, healing trauma was as simple as learning how to breathe.”


Breathing: The Little Known Secret to Peace of Mind

“We take our breath for granted, but learning to breathe can change our life.”

Veterans learn to use yoga and meditation exercises to reconnect with their emotions in a UW-Madison study

“Military people don’t want to be seen as victims, they’re so brave,” Seppala said. “They’re not always open to therapy because they hate the victim status, so we want to give them practices to empower them with tools they can use to help themselves.” A year later, Low, 30, sums up his experience with two words: “It works.” Wisconsin State Journal

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