Our Faculty

Leslye Moore
National Director, PWHT

As the National Director for PWHT, Leslye balances her training and work in Yogic sciences with a wealth of skills acquired in over 30 years of leadership in key positions. Prior to joining PWHT, Leslye’s career in humanitarian relief work took her to Rwanda & Croatia, where she worked directly with trauma-affected populations. As a Deputy Director for the International Rescue Committee in Croatia, Leslye collaborated with the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, the International War Crimes Tribunal and the International Red Cross. Leslye directed a number of federally funded programs in the areas of refugee resettlement, anti-human trafficking, disaster relief and HIV/AIDS prevention. In the U.S., Leslye served as a Regional Resettlement Director for the International Rescue Committee. Leslye is a founding member of the Florida State Anti-Human Trafficking Taskforce working closely with state and federal law enforcement agencies.

In addition to teaching for PWHT, Leslye develops new collaborations, ensuring that this work continues to have the greatest possible impact on the veterans and their families. She is a passionate advocate for veteran wellness. Leslye received B.A. in International Affairs from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and a M.A. in International Administration from the School for International Training, in Brattleboro, Vermont.

John Osborne
PWHT Co-Founder, Faculty

John Osborne is a Co-Founder, faculty and teacher trainer for Project Welcome Home Troops, a highly effective program to reduce post-traumatic stress symptoms in veterans. John has been teaching meditation, yoga and breath work internationally for nearly 40 years. “Learning more about how to skillfully use our breath can help us greatly to dissolve stress and increase energy and awareness in every area of our life.” John is also a corporate and leadership trainer and has presented at the United Nations, The World Bank, World Health Organization, the Wharton Business School and UCLA’s Anderson Business School at UCLA. A graduate of Hamilton College and Yale University, John recently retired as founder and CEO of Starboard Venture Partners, a venture capital firm based in Santa Monica, CA.

Denise Richardson

Denise is a senior faculty with Project Welcome Home Troops and the International Association of Human Values where for over 20 years she has taught hundreds of people a range of programs on meditation, breathing, and specialized programs for cancer and depression. She also teaches advanced graduate programs along with meditation retreats. Denise is a national leader in the human potential movement. She has been meditating for over 40years and she brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge of the mind, body complex.

Jim Larsen

Jim has a Master’s degree in Education from Southern Illinois University. He has been teaching stress relief practices to the general population for 37 years and more recently specialized programs for stress relief to groups with cancer, depression, combat trauma, and disaster survivors in Haiti. He received training in combat stress disorders at the National Veterans Foundation from Dr. Shad

Jim Warner

Jim has practiced meditation and stress management programs for 50 years and has been teaching them for 30 years. He has led programs in stress management utilizing meditation, yoga, breathing, and cognitive skills for groups in public, prison, military and veterans, medical and health care professionals and drug and alcohol rehabilitation settings. In addition, Jim works in the Information Technology field and has an extensive background in software development, enterprise architecture, manufacturing, process improvement, and management.

Pam Brockman

Pam is a Senior Faculty member of International Association for Human Values and Illinois Director of Project Welcome Home Troops.  Based in Chicago she teaches extensively in Veterans Affairs Medical and Vet Centers in the greater metropolitan area. Pam travels internationally to teach self development and stress mangement programs in English and Spanish.  She has been practicing meditation since 1971 and has been with the International Association of Human Values since 1998.  Pam is a certified yoga and meditation teacher and has special expertise in working with individuals with depression, anxiety and trauma.  She also teaches IAHV programs in prisons, schools, hospitals and universities. 

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